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Educational process
Studying on real IT projects

Since 2019, students of IT specialties at NTU KhPI have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for work by completing real projects as part of the Innovation Campus program.

This is the only project in Ukraine that combines IT training, entrepreneurship school, and coworking, based on a government university.

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Why Innovation Campus?

The heart of the Campus is a unique educational program developed by a team of Ukrainian IT specialists in cooperation with NTU KhPI. It is based on Apple's educational framework, Challenge Based Learning, as well as peer-to-peer technology, which allows students to become an active source of knowledge instead of a teacher. Gamification makes the learning process interesting, and the ability to choose and change the learning path independently makes it unique.

The concept of the program is a transition from a declarative learning scheme based on knowledge acquisition to a project-based scheme aimed at acquiring practical skills in creating products and systems. This is a fundamentally new system that provides bachelor's training at a high international level.

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How to enroll in the Innovation Campus program?

You need to choose one of the following educational programs as your first priority for admission to the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute: Information Systems Software, Computer Science and Intelligent Systems, Software Engineering, Modern Programming, Mobile Devices, and Computer Games. Look for the Innovation Campus mark.

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Innovative campus adapted for distance learning! We work effectively even during the war.

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